Go-To Pro
-Where Consulting and Staffing Collide-
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Go-To Pro is perfectly positioned to identify and assist in the challenges that every business faces due to the cyclical nature of the economy.  When you’ve tried working harder, faster, and longer, it’s time to consider other options.  Unfortunately, those options come with another set of problems:
  • New Hire also means paperwork, payroll, and insurance expenses.  These are costs you don't want to incur, especially for short-term work. Not to mention when you’re already behind, you don't have time to interview and train!
  • Consultants specialize in one area only.
  • Virtual Assistants are off-site only.
  • Staffing agencies are on-site only.

Go-To Pro is the solution to all of these problems; the flexible temporary labor you need to supplement staff.  We do it all, on-site or off, with the utmost of professionalism - and without all the paperwork.  We provide the comfort of a helping hand, the control that comes from having an extra asset and the security of a backup plan.  Someone you can turn to for more than just a skill set, but experience, an all-around understanding of what a business needs.  Go-To Pro sees the big picture and wants to help you frame it.